What it makes us choose a ring or other? Or why We prefer an automatic one quartz watch? They are the questions that assail us when we have before us a sample. And the response more clear is that conveys something different, makes us feel something special.

Miguel watches jewelry is a family company with more than 40 years of experience in the sector located in Velez-Malaga (Malaga). Throughout this time we have been differentiating by making a bet clear by Italian-style jewelry and brands watch both Swiss and Japanese innovation.

When you have between hands a ring, bracelet or earrings “made in Italy” something extraordinary: clear style, femininity, elegance,… At the moment you are wearing it put on your skin is adapted so that it becomes yours. Difficult to describe and to see through a screen sensations. Behind a jewel there are companies formed by people with many years of experience in the world of jewelry, taking care of all aspects of the creation of a jewel: design, quality of materials, Workshop....

Something similar happens with the watches. Brands such as Tissot, Seiko o RADO, known globally represent our principles: the best value for money. Quality that is fully proven in the mechanisms “swiss made”, both quartz and automatic, mounted on steel and Sapphire Crystal boxes (RADO He was a pioneer in using high-tech ceramic, resistant to scratches). In the case of Japanese origin watches, These embody innovation in watches: always at the forefront of the digital functionality, as well as new forms of accumulation of energy in the auto mechanics.

Part mention Casio, digital watches, tough and daring, It is official distributors Premium range for the area.

Nor forget that the watch is fashionable. Lotus, Versace, Tous… Any of them, In addition to other more, corresponds to a type of public. Depending on our lifestyle, We will find the ideal clock.

And we can not leave behind the Diamond, the hardest stone in the world (a diamond only gets to be shredded by another diamond), but at the same time, It might be fragile. Diamonds is one of the essences of the jewelry along with noble metals, in particular, the Gold. Always 18 carats, in different presentations. Being its characteristic color yellow, is currently widespread in jewelry the White Gold and rosé (or red); even with very specific treatments, There is black or brown gold, that to be assembled with diamonds blacks or bronws you generate spectacular parts, due to its rarity and colorful.

Fernández Fernández family and sisters / friends.

Jewelry Miguel Relojería was founded by Miguel Fernández García in September of 1969 in its native population, Vélez-Málaga (Malaga). Miguel had been working for a local jewelry store since young years and decided it was time to try to set up a business on your own. Sometimes I had (that which is written is her eldest daughter) that the first day that opened to the public sold 150 pesetas.... It was little by little, with the confidence that customers deposited in it, and later, in his wife, María Fernández Ruiz and with the help of large trabajador@s and family, We will never forget and that we carry in our hearts, as he grew up until today.

Now, the “team” is larger than, Since we have joined us the three children of the marriage, Maria Jose, Francisco and Care; and New EMPLOYEES s to try to do, at least, just as well as they.

And always with the same spirit: attempting to reach the customers parts or products that stand out for their quality, design, originality.... That makes you feel something different, Special.

And of course, always available to our clients:)