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Possibly, the best firm in Writing.

MONTBLANC is one of the most recognized firms in the world writing articles. his emblem appearance “Star” White (It reflects the summit of that mountain, surrounded by her 6 fences, representing each wing), shape and part of popular iconography within the “branding”. It is a symbol of quality and prestige world-conicido. And Miguel watches jewelry we are honored to be official distributor for La Axarquía (Malaga).


The evolution of Montblanc throughout its history.

Some of the most important milestones in the world writing he has scored Montblanc. He knows his history in our “TimeLine“.


Simplo Filler Pen Co.” It was founded by Christian Lausen, Whilhelm Dziambor and Claus Johannes Voss Hamburg, Germany.

Inspired by the latest innovacionemechanical s who had from America, They produced a writing instrument stagnates and converter technology plunger it would forever change the course of history writing.

The new Maison created a first writing instrument quality, call Red and Black in 1909.

Documento gráfico del que fuera primeros trabajadores de Montblanc.
graphic document that was first workers Montblanc.

The Montblanc name is registered as a brand for all writing instruments.

and shortly thereafter, in 1910, Montblanc name was adopted by the company growing, Inspired by the highest mountain in Europe, that would symbolize his vision of excellence and their quest for maximum performance and the finest craftsmanship.

Logo Motblanc de 1930.
Logo of Motblanc 1930.

MONTBLANC introduces the famous White Star (icy summit), represents the snowy peak of the mountain "Mont Blanc" The "star" It symbolizes the six major mountain valleys.

Plumín de oro actual del modelo Meistertück, con "4810".
Gold nib current model Meistertück, with “4810”.

The Montblanc fountain pen Masterpiece It is released for sale. These masterpieces are engraved with the words Montblanc Meisterstück: The German word means Meisterstück “masterpiece“.

In the 24, all them Meisterstück fountain pens They begin to be recorded with "4810"On the nib, the height measured in meters at the time of the mountain "Mont Blanc".

We talk about it and its variants our blog.

Montblanc introduces its first pen.

Montblanc creates "Montblanc Arts Patronage Award"Honoring the successful patrons of the arts. throwing Limited Editions Writers, one of the collections most valued by customers. From Hemingway a Cervantes, through Virginia Wolf.

Montblanc edición limitada escritores, dedicada a Virginia Wolf.
Montblanc Limited Writers Edition, dedicated to Virginia Wolf.

MONTBLANC diversifies its product portfolio to include watches, Leather articles, Lady and gentleman both, counting from wallets and key chains, to bags and bandoliers, jewelry for men, and glasses.

Agenda Montblanc Meisterstück mediano.
Montblanc Meisterstück medium Agenda.
Pluma Montblanc Bohème Noir.
Pluma Montblanc Boheme Black.

MONTBLANC introduces the collection of writing instruments Bohème, and original line retractable nib, which marked the end of the century within the firm. More smalls in size, is a writing totally unisex, suitable for both sexes.

Montblanc Soulmakers for 100 years.
Montblanc Soulmakers for 100 years.

The 100anniversary Montblanc held under the slogan “Soulmaker for 100 years” Launch of patented Montblanc Diamond cut special mind.

Pluma Montblanc Heritage Collection "Rouge et Noir" Edición Especial.
Pluma Montblanc Heritage Collection “Red and black” Special edition.

Tradition and technology. Are 110 years and MONTBLANC celebrates recreating the model again “Red and black“; on the other hand, developing new forms of writing, through digital devices, with “Montblanc Augmented Paper“. A breakthrough.

MONTBLANC, united tradition to innovation.

New Bluetooth technology.

About Montblanc can fill several pages with its history and models that have been part of his life. But we emphasize what makes a business running after 100 years, innovation.

Montblanc Augmented Paper.

Montblanc has developed technology to store your notes, which escribres at any time and Lugra, in a digital device. ¿How?. Through Montblanc Augmented Paper: It is a set consisting of a notebook paper with lines, in a leather case, including an electronic digitizer, together with esferógrafo Montblanc StarWalker. Wearing the traditional art of handwriting to digital universe by allowing writing on paper and access your handwritten notes with a mobile device. to write, draw and take notes on notebook with Montblanc Augmented Paper is as simple as pressing a button to stop transmitting your notes to your tablet via Bluetooth®: Thanks to an app you install anywhere, You can read, Edit, share, label or save your notes. And it's available in 12 Languages.

Montblanc Augmented Paper, en negro. Escritura digital.
Montblanc Augmented Paper, in black.

Sincronización con tu dispositivo móvil.
Sync with your mobile.


We know from our experience of the quality of these products, but we wanted to highlight as it evolves in Montblanc search for new solutions to integrate tradition, quality and modern life. The wide range of articles exposing scriptures prevents us all on a single page.

Miguel Horlogerie jewelry were official distributors for more than 20 years, and depues a break, We have become so in 2016. If you need help finding a model, do not hesitate to put you in contact us @ s by mail, call us at the 952 500 383 o send an WhatsApp 625 455 523.