Watch workshop.


LI watches can become very complex elements because of the different mechanisms that forms them. In Miguel watches jewelry evaluate what kind of watch is and what would be the most appropriate service: repair, replacement of damaged parts, secrecy.... For that we have a wide range of workshops specialized in services and brands. In this way we can execute the most appropriate work for the correct operation of the clock. The repair It depends of several factors, taking from a few days to several weeks. Likewise, fix can make it mark that made it, whether it is required by the client or by process requirements, taking care of transport and repair management. Jewelry Miguel Relojería advise on your watch repairs. It may be that the watch does not have array, so the most appropriate is not investing time and money on it.

Not We can say that We are the best; No one is. But We will try to give the best service you need to get him back to work properly your favorite clock; just ask us.