Viceroy watches: The Spanish watch brand best known.


It is not what I have, is what I am”. It is the philosophy that intoxicated to Viceroy Watches. Recognized by this motto and the characters that have that have been the brand image, wants to convey in their collections for men and Lady the emotions that makes us feel unique, unique in this vast universe.

Penélopez Cruz, Viceroy new muse.

Since a few months ago, Viceroy has signed to Penélope Cruz as the image of its range of watches, creating an exclusive line for her. The Viceroy Penélope Cruz watches have a strong personality that he gives it to you it strength of steel, in his three endings. With Sapphire Crystal and with a secrecy of 10 atmospheres, they resist perfectly the day to day.

You can see some models in this gallery, and know all the details by clicking this link.

Viceroy catalog special edition watches “Real Madrid”.

Viceroy is the official supplier of watches Real Madrid, one of the most successful football clubs around the world which has been appointed by FIFA as the best club of the 20th century. With one collection of spectacular watches Chronographs, Multifunction and three needles; personalized with the name and coat of arms of Real Madrid in the field, in the bottom box and in the Crown. Exclusive watches you feel proud your admiration for some of the best clubs in the world and that You can find them here.

We leave you a sequence of the different models as Viceroy to designed for Real Madrid during this time.


With regard to woman, There is a range of modern Viceroy watches Lady multifunction made in steel with finishing clad in yellow and rose gold, that convey beauty and sensuality in each of their care details. Watches that become object of desire and which rightly combine sportiness with the glamour that prints the Golden.

The Ceramic collection of Viceroy represents the search of femininity and tenderness. Equipped with a classic elegance, the seamless integration of all elements become unique pieces which combines beauty with the innovation and technology these watches. Ceramics in combination with other materials and finishes enrich these precious clocks which touch on the skin makes you feel special.

Viceroy catalog watches for women “Ceramic”.

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The origin of Viceroy.

The origin of the Viceroy Watches dates back to the year 1951, When it was created by a family in Switzerland, pointer country in the watch industry. It takes a fundamental turn as a brand to be acquired rights at the global level by the GRUPO MUNRECO. Now combine the precision, luxury and tradition of their origin with a differential and innovative strategy. The watches of this brand, with a design, and a product of quality within the commercial segment; and a quick answer to the demands of the market have allowed its rapid growth and consolidation on the national scene.

Starting from 1996 Viceroy surprised the watch industry in Spain with Viceroy Gold online, represented, First of all, by the famous actor Carlos Larrañaga; and in 1997, He had the honour to have Julio Iglesias, International artist acclaimed around the world. That year witnessed Viceroy unstoppable off to success.

Since that time, I support on different characters of national importance for the promotion of new releases (Melanie Griffith, Enrique Iglesias, David Bisbal, Antonio Banderas and Shakira). Until the leitmotiv of Viceroy “IT IS NOT THAT I HAVE. IS WHAT I AM”, where proposed some interesting philosophical questions: What is the best: can have Fortune or be lucky? What is most important: be or have?

And it is part of our company for years now, being the official distributor for the Axarquia and Malaga.

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