Watches Versace: The power of color and design.


En 1972, at the age of 25 years, Gianni Versace moved to Milan where he began to working as a designer. In 1979 create your first collection “Gianni Versace Women”. During the 80´s, his creativity as a stylist is internationally applauded and recognized.... We all know the meteoric career of this Italian designer.

When in the 90´s decided to create a line of watches, Versace Watches, It maintained the standards of quality which until now was used in Haute Couture: Swiss-made watches combined with the glamorous style of the maison. Versace watches are produced in Switzerland and the high quality of each clock is guaranteed by rigorous controls and strict criteria demanded by the Swiss certificate “Swiss Made”.

Some of the collections of Versace watches from our shop.

Vanitas Versace watches for women.


Vanitas Versace watches photo presentation


This range of watches We in love, Marvel, obnubilado….Without words. Watches Versace Vanitas exude femininity without complexes, exuberance, style, glamour….We don't have enough adjectives. And the Vanitas are pure “Vanity”, You can not resist. The majority of them in steel boxes gold yellow gold IP, There are different colors with leather straps. With or without diamonds in the field.

Here are some models, the most striking within the Vanitas collection. And in our online shop find out which models are available.

Versace watch collection reve.


Versace watches reve photo


An of the most famous and long-lived Versace watches ranges, the Rêve These are a few pieces with sporty, ease, but at the same time elegant. Elegance that provides you with the materials, as the black or white ceramic, the leather, the shell of the sphere or the set dimantes. Elegance in design details, as terminals or stone cabochon buttons. Elegance….Despite being casual.

These are some Versace Revê watches we have had in our store. The availability, as well as all the details, You can find in our online.

Photo Gallery Versace watches for men and women.

Small gallery of some of the Versace watches we have in our establishment.

Versace: Italian style.

The evolution of the style of Versace shows a perfect balance between the classic and modern, with strong and attractive lines, forms that are combined with materials and precious stones treated by delicate editors. An example of this is the model DV ONE (2005) who was born to become the emblem of VERSACE watch, It has been manufactured in ceramics in a wide
range of versions: in white or black, with chronograph or adorned with precious stones (diamonds, Ruby, sapphires).

Versace catalog watches for men and women for 2017.

This is the last Versace watches catalog this year 2017. If You can not view this catalogue online from your device, Click here to see it.

Versace excellence.

The attention to detail and the highest quality responsibility coexists in every VERSACE creation. The choice of materials is made with care, reflecting the traditions and style of the brand. Each Versace creation radiates the spirit of pure excellence.

Watches Versace: Swiss Made.

The technological know-how of the traditional Swiss-made is a guarantee of quality and precision. The quality of each Versace watch is guaranteed by the seal “Swiss Made”. Each chronograph is subject to strict controls, and all products to rigorous testing. Of course, with 2 year international warranty. All this, summarized in quality and style, Jewelery makes decant by Miguel Horlogerie brands like Versace, that exclusivity and price are not hotly contested. Is a luxury for us to be few dealers in Malaga in getting this product to the public.


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