Watches Rado: Forefront ceramic watches.


If we can imagine it, We can do it. And if we can do it, will be”

The brand of Rado watches He has continued to work tirelessly to transform the vision of reality: create a revolutionary clock with perfect surfaces and pure, providing an extraordinary durability and hardness, equipped to defy the passage of time, due to its proven signs of wear and tear resistance. In 1962, Rado designed the first clock made in hardened metal, which became a classic. As pioneers, in 1986 the brand introduced high-tech ceramics, a material so strong that he is certified as rexisting to scratches; is also very light, Hypoallergenic and with an ergonomic adaptation, that enhances comfort. In 2004, Rado created high-tech watch with diamond, with one hardness of the 10.000 Vickers, equivalent only to natural diamonds. With the world's toughest watch, RADO performed his original vision, leading other innovations. In recent years, Rado has expanded its range of automatic watches (models retired) in perfect harmony with this design that characterized the brand long.

Rado watch catalog.

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Rado continues the search for a visionary idea in the world of watchmaking. Nothing is as strong as the imagination, pushing the boundaries of experimentation. A dream made reality door opens, everything that can be imagined is real. Courage is what allows this process to explore what's new and ignore limitations. This spirit characterized Rado since its inception, during the period of post-cold war that saw a generation fascinated with a future full of scientific and industrial progress. And us, Miguel watches jewelry we are partakers of this ideal, being one of the few distributors of the province of Malaga

Rado gallery: Centrix models, Integral and Sintra.

These are some of Rado watches that we have in our establishment.

Heir to the future- with “Unlimited Spirit”- rather than rest on the laurels and based its identity only in the patrimony of tradition and good do, RADO has put his eyes in the morning. Relying on its pioneering philosophy, RADO does not leave nothing obstructs his involvement in the discovery of New Territories, inventing new materials and creating extraordinary designs of watches.

Chronology of Rado watches collections during its history.

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