Garmin: smart watches and bracelets activity.

Garmin arises from the union of Dr. Min Kao in engineering With Gary Burrell in 1989 to integrate technology GPS (del inglés Global Positioning System, Global Positioning System) navigation devices for various areas. The jump to watchmaking began it happens popularly used wearables.

Today, Garmin is a leader in its sector of smartwatches.

Part of our family recently, but he has come through the front door.

The latest Garmin watches
The latest Garmin watches in Jewelry & Watches Miguel.

Garmin technology.

Technology developed from USA, Garmin has managed adapt to the needs of large groups of people and activities. runners, young boys, athletes, golfers, or just people who just want to bring the latest technology on your wrist.

All his Proposals are registered, and are implemented by them. Garmin puts in your hand a great support to keep up and get the most out of your watch or bracelet activity. See all video tutorials available in the section Fitness and Outdoor.

We can make a outstanding with the Collections who have come to our audience.

Garmin watches Vivomove Málaga.

Garmin watches vívoactive® HR: simplicity and elegance, Contact your mobile.

With the appearance a classic Watch of clean design and simple, almost minimalist, the Garmin vívoactive® HR with touch screen It allows you to be and monotorizados connected at all times.

We highlight several features such as Garmin Connect™, which enables display messages, physical activity and music. The smart display only appears when turning the wrist quickly to check the clock. The needles move immediately to touch the glass and again show the time in his usual position After you are done.

In addition, Garmin Connect is an virtual community where users can connect wherever they are. In her, They can compete participating in challenges, encourage each other and even share your triumphs social networks. It is available for computers and smartphones through app Garmin Connect™ Mobile.

Another interesting feature is the advanced control sleep that helps you measure how much sleep and the time you spend in each of the phases of sleep.

So much for him and her. Discover configuarlo and how this butt exprímelo portal.

Relojes Garmin vivofit jr 2 Malaga

Garmin watches vívofit® jr. 2.

!Adultos¡ prohibited Get ready to feel the magic.

Monitor activity for children vívofit® jr. 2 It has a autonomy over 1 Battery year and it works with a Further application that parents control. It offers adventures of the protagonists favorite comic book as Minnie Mouse one he Captain America through the application so that children can make their 60 minutes of daily activity.

Videoturariales of use.


Packing especial para estos relojes
Special Case for Garmin watches vívofit jr. 2.


Aplicación de juegos para Garmin Spiderman.
Garmin game application for Marvel.

Smartwatch Garmin fēnix® 5 Plus: designed to last and be part of you.

For the athletes and outdoor adventurers, the multisport GPS watch fēnix® 5 Plus It is the device high performance that allows you to overcome your results and take your maps and your music everywhere. This rugged watch premium It is equipped with color maps with route setting function, heart rate sensor wrist, ability to store up 1000 songs and our contactless payment solution Garmin Pay™.

Highlight: Advanced performance metrics, heart rate sensor doll, Notifications ands linked to compatible mobile device via Garmin Connect, functions monitoring and security... And this is just an appetizer of this Garmin-road.

In Miguel watches jewelry we have become official distributor of Garmin. The hope in our establishment of Velez-Malaga, or through our online shop.