Salvatore Plata

Spanish jewelry brand in sterling silver.


Salvatore Plata It is a Spanish brand jewelry platthey drank in the beginning of the experience in the world of jewelry oro. But throwing in lack the ability to make designs in gold, Salvador Pellicer, his founder, He gave way to travel to Italy in the 90's, banner of international jewelry design.

This has made Salvatore Plata one of the leaders in jewelry made of silver, betting strongly by jewelry design manufactured with this noble metal, White, bright and malleable each day increases in value.


Salvatore official distributor of Silver.

Miguel watches jewelry we have focused on their collections for women, the great target of its parts, It is recognizing the signs clearly, for quality, designs that create trends and versatility in their lines, It is allowing bring in several different time of day. A modern woman, modern and cosmopolitan, who likes change and highlight every season with the latest in silver jewelry. The style we love, Italian design in jewelry, we have become an official distributor of Salvatore Plata Axarquía, and for all Spain, through our online store.

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Sustainable development in silver jewelry.

Important Salvatore Plata.


But besides being reference in design, Salvatore Plata wants is to challenge the quality control, thanks to your Contrast responsibility registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (ompm), and the Warranty contrast official laboratory precious metals Metalworking Technology Institute (AIMME). Additionally, and in collaboration with AIMME, evaluate the absence of toxic metals Articles in order to ensure that only safe jewelry for the health and safety of women is marketed.

Small gallery with some of the pieces from the collections of Salvatore Plata.

Silver jewelry catalog Salvatore Women.

Small selection of silver jewelry in silver womens, the gold and colored stones majority.