Platadepalo: bohochic style for men and women.


El style Platadepalo It is defined by the quality of the materials, ethnic inspiration and at the same time forceful image, provocative and timeless. The materials are selected in origin: in Asia, Africa and the India. Result of these journeys, the Buffalo Horn, Crystal, the wood and resins are mixed with semiprecious stones, leather or nylon giving rise to attractive combinations. Are pieces that coexist with formal aesthetic both casual styles and add your own character, a brand of daring, godless elegance; a rebel and ironic twist.

Catalog of jewelry in silver and leather, of Platadepalo.

If traditionally jewels are sign of alliances and promises, parts of Platadepalo they reveal the side less conventional who wears them, the indispensable Pact signing with desire, change, the challenges. And we realized from the beginning that we had in our hands in leather and silver bracelets, rings and necklaces of Platadepalo before being discovered by the general public. Miguel Relojería jewelry is official establishment from 2008 in Vélez-Málaga (Malaga).

The most recognizable piece PLATADEPALO is the Silver and leather bracelet, on many occasions combined with other materials as resins of different colors, Bronze, and stones.

Here we show a gallery of images of some silver and leather bracelets of PLATADEPALO You can already find in our online shop.

Bronze collection “Bottom of the sea”, of Platadepalo.

Little by little, the Bronze It has captured the attention of Platadepalo and turned it on protagonist of his new collections, as the last call “Bottom of the sea” for woman. For the most part, they are simple line bracelets, made in bronze and antique brass (with that characteristic greenish color that seems to be taken from the bottom of the sea). It is having a great acceptance both for its price as its simple design, fine and different.

We leave a sample of these bronze bracelets Platadepalo recently brought of the “Bottom of the sea” to our online shop.

Collection of leather bracelets, silver and cowboy “Denim” of Platadepalo.

Another range new in Platadepalo ES “Denim“, inspired by Cowgirl fashion. Are bracelets (Although there are bags) of leather, Silver and a touch of denim fabric. It is the latest of Platadepalo You can find in our online shop.

Platadepalo history.

Platadepalo It is a company of jewelry and accessories with Headquarters in Pamplona created by Nicolas Lopez, professional photography and advertising design, and Luis Lopez, industrial engineer. Born in 2004 with fourteen references from his first collection of jewelry for men, a segment at the time hardly present on the market. The quick acceptance of the pieces and the interest manifested by a heterogeneous audience makes that Platadepalo expand their proposals.

We leave here a summary of their 10 years of existence, through this publication:

Today, his collection adds more than four hundred references of unisex jewelry, line aimed at all sectors of ages textile and leather goods.

Platadepalo It manufactures its jewelry line entirely in Spain; sarongs and scarves printed with the technique of batik in Indonesia and distributes its products in national and international.

Gallery leather goods and scarves Platadepalo.


The identity of PLATADEPALO emanates from the “Legend”, the world of James Carson and his crew, those who away from the security that immobilizes, they accepted the challenge of inventing its own standards, loved the adventure because in it were recognized living.

Platadepalo official website.

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