Maximum Betro.

Maximo Confide It has been the last brand of jewelry in silver that has entered in our establishment and online shop. It is a young company, Valencia, with a design very recognizable within the silver metal jewelry.

Maximum Betro performs treated with rodi bathroom pieces in sterling silvero (bright silver), Ruthenium (Black Silver) o Golden in golden yellow and pink. So far there is nothing new. But what is most striking is the size of their jewels and colors that are used to mount the stones. Stones of high quality, of the House Austrian Swarovski®, in rock crystal.

Jewelry Silver Maximo Betro designs is perfect for ceremonies, events & partys, like for example, the accompanying a wedding. Guests to a special celebration can be found at Maximo Betro earrings or the perfect ring that match your outfit. The Maximo Betro catalogue contains earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, everything in silver of 750 MIL, as well as snaps, especially original in their forms and colours.

Catalog silver jewelry with stones Swarovski®, of maximum Betro.


To be of production national, There is the possibility of customize all the parts, and creating dressings full fully made to measure, in color, size, termination, etc. You can be the most exclusive party.

Although we we have focused on this line of jewelry in silver for companions to various ceremonies and festivals, its catalogue is much broader, parts for brides in silver rhodium-plated or simple ranges.

Página oficial de Maximo Confide.

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