I make jewelry.

I make It has become a silver jewelry firm with relevance Spain, and well known in Malaga, Thanks to its origins. Jose María Rosado began his journey in the era of the hippies in Ibiza, back to Malaga and creating this name already resonates throughout internet.

I make jewelry has given a twist to the customization silver jewelry. Has got create a system so you can design under a few simple parameters silver pieces for many areas that we name:

Como diseñar tu propia joya personalizada.
How to design your own custom jewelry.

Customizing silver jewelry.

Gifts for father's day.

Gemelos para el Día del Padre, en plata con letra de oro, personalizables.
Twins for Father's Day, silver with golden letters, customizable.

Gemelos para papás, con dibujos a elegir, de Joyería Hago.
Twins for parents, Patterned choose, Hago Jewelry.



Gifts for Mother's Day.

Among the different designs that I do have jewelry, You can personalize them with the names of the little ones, charms, pendants….A world of possibilities.

Pulseras de plata para mamás, personalizables. De Joyería Hago.
Silver bracelets for moms, customizable. Hago Jewelry.


Gifts for female teachers.

They are very important in the life of our @ s children. And it's a way of thanking every effort.

Just tell us which design “stamp” and we do I do with Jewelry.

Pulsera dorada "Horizonte" con nombres de alumnos, de Joyería Hago.
golden bracelet “Horizonte” with names of students, Hago Jewelry.

You can even bring us the names written by l @ s children s handwriting, and recorded. Or choose one of the typography we have available. As you prefer.

Brazalete plata para maestras y profesoras, con nombres de alumnos. Joyería Hago.
Silver bracelet female teachers, with names of students. I make jewelry.


Other customized silver or gold metal parts.

Pulseras de hilo y plata, para regalar a amigas o damas de honor. Joyería Hago.
Friendship bracelets and silver, to give to friends or bridesmaids. I make jewelry.

Joyas para amigos personalizados, de Joyería Hago.
Custom jewelry for friends, Hago Jewelry.

Otros regalos de plata y oro para customizar.
Other gifts of silver and gold to customize.

That does not mean that besides develop their own designs, and above all, the best known Malaga and identifies us, the jasmine and biznaga (bunch of jasmines that are collected closed, It is placed in a cradle or stick, and when opened, creates an illusion of flower).

For us, Miguel watches jewelry, jasmine and biznaga has special meaning, It has since been part of our family and culture throughout life.

All brands of jewelry in silver and steel.

The silver jewellery has become a sector where design premium over the commodity economy. Big brands have become very recognizable in this market, and we are his official distributors in Malaga.

In addition to seeing our brands, we give you the opportunity to see all our pieces of silver joyaría, antique silver, metal and steel we have available in our online store.