El poem that tops the web brand jewelry in silver with cameos Cameo Italiano reads the following:

“Each crashing wave tells a story,

made eternal by

the voice of the sea trapped in a shell”

And it has its raison d ' être: they use the hidden beauty in marine shells to make small works of art in silver jewellery and cameos.

Who they are Cameo Italiano.

Cameo Italiano is one family company of Italian origin that has taken advantage of the wisdom in the work of the coral to make pieces in the form of cameos with new materials such as marine shells. There is an old legend that says that a man of the Gulf of Naples was the first to record female silhouettes in shells as a form of expression of his love for his wife.

The cameos are small unique pieces in which the hand of the skilled Carver uses the imperfection of the cocha to remove its singular beauty. They are handmade jewelry, timeless where age and trends does not affect them.

Cameo Italiano are already 3 generations of the Diluca family those that have discovered the passion for carving cameos, bringing it to high termination designs in Sterling Silver of 925 MIL, some of them Golden Yellow Gold, Red, even in black rhodium. They are able to as few in joining classic and a cameo with the latest techniques in silver jewelry. And for that, the Italians are the best.

Images earrings sets, rings and silver pendants and cameos, Cameo Italiano.

The great variety in cameos jewelry that gives us this mark makes it difficult the choice of some photos. For this reason, to the terminal this page, We are going to include the full catalogue which is available Cameo Italiano in silver jewelry with cameos. Now we leave you a short sequence of images of silver jewellery as cameos.

Cameo jewelry catalog Italian.



New parts catalog Italian Cameo Jewelry who has thrown for this 2017, in which we can highlight several new. The first thing appears, one Colección of inspiration daliniana. continues adjustable bracelet beads, very modern.

And the trend continues this year, the Horoscopes. In addition, new sizes Models in whole catalog.

We hope that you enjoyed this collection of jewels in silver with cameos that we both have impacted the last fair Vicenca. As always, any questions you have, You can contact us by mail (mjfernandez@joyeriamiguel.com), write a message to our WhatsApp to the 625 455 523, or by phone to the 952500383. We hope to soon have available the jewels in our online shop.

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