Antara silver: Antique silver for events.


BGarlic brand Antara is a genus of silver based on the Cordoba classical filigree work, that goes back to the times when Arabs and Jews populated Al - Andalus. Relying on these techniques, show us a line of products in silver for ceremonies and festivals with designs very elaborate. Both obscured as bright silver, with or without stones, Swarovsky/stones, There is a wide ranges of earrings, bracelets, rings, peinas.... complete dressings that, on that special day, It will make you highlights on the other for its unmistakable design.

Gallery silver jewelry Antara.

Small gallery of photos of some of the gems in silver for bride like earrings, peinas in silver, necklaces and bracelets.

Any design is likely to be modified by the customer, creating unique pieces. Speed and know-how are very important qualities in any jewellery workshop. The latest techniques of aged Golden generate truly beautiful pieces. All this means that Miguel watches jewelry is set to this brand to dress to brides: peinas, Headbands, complete dressings, bracelets and bangles.... Although not all are weddings; Antara also has other product lines for day to day. The company, Children of Marco Antonio Cantalejo S.L., It takes dedicated to mode handmade silver jewellery making more than thirty years, offering the highest quality and warranty on their products.

Full catalog Antara Plata.

If You can't see this catalogue Silver jewelry for wedding and step bar cradles with, You can view it via this link.

Therefore, a same design, for example, Silver bridal earrings can be presented in several ways: in white or aged silver; Silver rhodium-plated (giving it an appearance to white gold); golden yellow or red gold silver, at the same time, can to age. Therefore, the range of possibilities is extraordinary. Just that find your style.

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