Perlasur: Specialists cultured pearls, Coral and turquoise.


.Cultured pearls, Japanese coral, Turquoise, Amber…. They are some of the “stonessemi-precious of organic origin. And wrote it in quotes for your provenance is not inorganic, i.e., mineral or Crystal, If that does not arise from a living organism (except for the turquoise, Although their physical behavior is similar). Sea or land, all of them have as common appearance texture, softness and warmth. Normally mounted on round beads, It is part of the different civilizations since the beginning of time being symbols of prosperity. And with these materials, we get that each client can perform the dream part, spinning chokers or necklaces with gold seals of 18 k or sterling silver. A few turns or single but long... the imagination has no limits.

Perlasur was created in the year 1991 in Cordoba (Spain), fruit of the long career and professional experience in the sector, of its founder D. José Mª Fernández García. Dedicated to the direct import and sale of cultured pearls wholesale, Coral and turquoise, among other items.

Through Perlasur we can find a lot of sizes, forms and types of accounts, of all materials. It is the raw material we need to develop your creations, the best value on the market.

Catalogue of cultured pearls, (australinas and tahitinas), Coral and turquoise Perlasur.

Catalogue of strands of cultured pearls, whether australinas, Tahitian or another source; Coral and turquoise, both natural and reconstituted. If you can see it from your iPhone or iPad, Press This link

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Gradually we add pieces of gold joyaría, with or without diamonds or other precious gems in nuetra online shop. We hope in the future to develop as this section deserves. Meanwhile, our online jewelry is at your disposal.