Miguel Anton: Specialist gold and diamonds.


MAnton iguel founded makes 20 years this company in Valencia as a result of his love for jewelry. It arises in childhood, When visiting the workshop of his grandfather, where he spent the afternoons fascinated by the painstaking work of the engraver and the precision with which it engastaban the most beautiful stones. His father's, Gemmologist, He would learn the secrets of the diamond and its exceptional brightness. In his person he met tradition jewelry with the academic and business experience.

The first requirement for excellence in jewelry Miguel Antón is the selection of the material, purchased at times directly in mine (like for example, for the Adamanti collection), be carved by the same firm or very renowned gemologists. The second, Obviously it is patience and love with which these stones and diamonds will remember about the jewel to achieve something unique.

3 generations of jewelers.

When has a family been 3 generations and 20 years in a trade, of jewelry manufacturing, It is normal that techniques dominate with ease. It is more difficult, for many years that pass, It is this domain to become art. That's what he has accomplished signing Miguel Antón, supported especially by Julián Benito, Designer and expert knowledge of the craft jeweler. Miguel Antón are micropave specialists (crimping “invisible” Diamond), This specialization is the exclamations of surprise at the first visual contact with their parts.

Us, Miguel watches jewelry, We are deeply satisfied with this company, being one of the few establishments in Malaga and Andalusia in purchasing rings, Earrings, pendants... with this quality seal (they are accompanied by quality certificates which describes the type of piece, its composition and qualities...). Jewelry for a lifetime.

Gold jewelry catalog, White Gold, diamonds, pearls and precious stones, Miguel Antón.

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Imagen-collage of some of the pieces in gold and diamonds that appear in the previous catalogue

Collage con joyas en oro y diamantes de Miguel Antón

Adamanti It is an almost-private collection, very special, Miguel Antón, to which they have chosen the name of the eternal guardian of all stones of the universe in various mythologies (adamant in latin or Greek adamas, Although there are references in other cultures), in which colors gems enhance wrapped with the exceptional brilliance of diamonds.

In the Greek mythology, He believed in the existence of a magical material, indestructible and unchangeable, suitable for building homes of the gods. Adamant is the etymological root that gives rise to the current word “Diamond”. Adamanti is a collection of unique pieces, in some cases, unrepeatable, for which the most breathtaking gems are chosen: a tourmaline from a single piece of exceptional size, a magnificently carved Blue Topaz....

The first requirement is the selection of the material, purchased directly in mine, carved by the same firm or by very renowned geologists. The second, Evidently the patience and love that these stones will remember about the jewel to achieve something unique.

Adamanti is mystery, charm, subtlety, force, protection. A line of jewelry that has managed to unseat the concept of time to become legend. The beauty of its parts is for Miguel Antón one reason of pride, so it has decided to plan events that allow the presentation of your best customers adamanti.

Gallery of exclusive collection “Adamanti”, Miguel Antón.



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