999: Dimantes and gold jewelry.


En 1988 a group of people armed with a long experience in the industry and wanting to make their ideas a reality, He began to develop plans and designs to design your jewelry creations. Born 999 in Florence, Italia.Las jewels of 999 is characterized by the combination of Gold's 18 carats of different colors (White, Rosa, Yellow) and enamel, why the precious metal joins the freshness and dynamism of the color.

Also has an extensive line of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings using a classic in the jewellery world: Tubogas design. From the industrial manufacturing, the “tubogas” It is introduced in the middle of the last century in the world of jewelry. Currently, 999 it reinvents the use in this way developing pieces dedicated to the woman who love the contemporary design and classic style, and you want to experience the excitement of bringing a gem all the days.

Jewelry Miguel watch we are proud to be the only establishment in Malaga and one of the few in Spain that has this signature distribution. Different products (rings, Earrings, necklaces, bracelets...) they bring a certificate of quality of the piece, in the which indicate the same Constitution, your reference, nature of the stones... Jewelry to enjoy with all senses.

Photo gallery 999: White Gold Jewelry, pink and yellow, with diamonds.

Small gallery of images with some of the models in style gold jewelry “tubogas” (White and other colors) and diamonds, You can see in our establishment.

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Gradually we add pieces of gold joyaría, with or without diamonds or other precious gems in nuetra online shop. We hope in the future to develop as this section deserves. Meanwhile, our online jewelry is at your disposal.