Chimento: Style Italian jewelry.


Las Chimento jewelry they are dedicated to the women What They appreciate modern design, Classic style and who want to try the excitement of a precious jewel look every day. Spying into the heart of women, capture your wishes: each piece comes for it Chimento. Original forms, innovative materials, evolution of the design, stylistic study. And all the passion. Chimento create unique and innovative solutions that know how to become a fashion must successfully.

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Chimento starts at 1964 Grisignano di Zocco, province di Vicenza, the city of Palladio and the Goldsmith tradition. The company founded on the intuition and the fantasy of Adriano Chimento, founder and President, continues today under the leadership of the descended from a dynasty of jewelers inspired by a great family tradition, original creativity and passion. Chimento is one of the biggest brands in the world of jewelry .

Chimento jewelry collections.

The Chimento collections offer a complete assortment of jewelry. The taste and the original interpretation of the trends are expressed beautifully in the Design collections for women and for men Trendy, While the tradition and elegance It determined the fame of the brand, they are clearly evident in the collections Tradition y Classic. Silver HD represents the innovative approach, Special and inimitable House of in the world of the silver. Starting today, the trend is not only marked by gold.

This mark is one of the distributions that we have exclusively for the area, as well as the few establishments in Malaga. The Chimento jewels are covered by a international warranty which certifies the authenticity of the creation and the exclusive design. The finishes are handmade by skilled masters goldsmiths. The title of the Gold used is 18 carats (750/1000). The diamonds, precious stones, Pearls are selected and their quality is controlled by the Gemological Laboratory Chimento.

Some of the lines Chimento, as the male, also They include alternative materials such as steel, aluminum and titanium.
The authenticity of the parts is ensured by Chimento Chimento mark applied jewel or certification mark *408 VI.
International Warranty that accompanies each piece Chimento is a Valid certificate of insurance in the world and features the replacement of the jewel in all cases of theft, theft or fire.

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Gradually we add pieces of gold joyaría, with or without diamonds or other precious gems in nuetra online shop. We hope in the future to develop as this section deserves. Meanwhile, our online jewelry is at your disposal.