ELEKA: Specialists in custom gold alliances.


En 1958 D. Clemente Navarro Fabregat started the manufacture of gold chains and fully machined silver with four basic models. In a few years moved to the manufacture of more of 200 models. In 1976 the company became a joint-stock company, joining new people who provide technical expertise on the one hand, and other commercial experience. In this way the entire national market was covered significantly.

With constant investments in the latest technology and following fashion trends in jewelry, ELEKA production has added to its new product lines, as earrings and hanging holes previously made by the electroforming technique, gold color resin jewelry, steel and gold jewelry and, At last, Jewelry with diamonds and colored stones. They also released customizable engagement rings and wedding rings.

Application guild configuar.
Sign in and create your own alliance.
Page available to you that lets you know all the possible variations, terminations, shapes and golden color with which you can create your boyfriends alliances. A world of possibilities in a single click.

ELEKA: Wedding Rings, and anniversary rings, white and yellow gold.

In regards to wedding rings, ELEKA is at the forefront of the industry, with applications such as “create your own jewel”, in the customer can modify all values may ring: color, width, termination (brightness, Matt, texture...), brilliant... of a same model Arbor. Designing the Alliance to your liking, you create practically a unique for that day so special and unique piece.

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