Gien: 190 years of history and emotions.


En France, for almost two centuries, “Gien faience” is synonymous with exceptional quality. This is one of the most prestigious French companies in the field of the luxury tableware. Founded in 1821 close to the Loire castles, GIEN has international fame for which your only requirement is perfection. With a Heritage outstanding in the field artistic and an extraordinary technique, their creativity over the years has been frequently rewarded in international exhibitions. All of this is still in the heart of the Design Studio of the contemporary models in pursuit of beauty.

In addition, Gien gives you the opportunity to Customize your Dinnerware, with the introduction of emblems or initials of names or surnames, creating a unique piece when it comes to dressing your table, Therefore, You can find dishes from more classical, going by current designs with vibrant color and amazing drawings; small works of art other than anything seen in the tea. When a person has in his hands a GIEN piece feels something special, softness and delicacy at the touch of faience. We hope that they can perceive it through your computer screen. If not, can always visit US at Malaga.

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