Isabel Cabanillas: Experts in silver frames and alpaca.


En 1968, with imagination, good taste, engraver and silversmith hammer, What are some of the tools that Jaume Castellví Masters with masters, created a few family-owned businesses success. Today, almost 40 years later, ISABEL CABANILLAS and ISABEL PRESTIGE (the range of jewellery in alpaca), they are a modern companies abreast of new trends in the market. A few companies that they work with the latest technology but with care and delicacy of a craftsman.

In ISABEL CABANILLAS and ISABEL PRESTIGE have been renovated and modernized manufacturing treatments, Thanks to the sophistication of their designs and processes they can get to make customized products. Quality, service and prices are their keys and commitment.

Would you like to make a custom design?

It is as simple as requesting it. Any project can be custom made. You have the tranquility of the seriousness and effectiveness in this service that few companies dare to assume. ISABEL CABANILLAS is committed to the people and respond to the most demanding audience. They also have a Department especially prepared for the manufacture of moulds for such demand. The tranquility of trusting ISABEL CABANILLAS, It is our commitment to them and you. And that is why, Miguel Relojería jewelry is part of its distribution network in Malaga (Andalusia) for years.

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