Goebel: Giftware glass and porcelain, with German taste.


The tradition is not the preservation of ashes, If not the preservation of fire“. It is an interesting reflection of this German brand in decoration and gifts for the home call Goebel, which is founded in 1871 and carries out one precious vases, cups, cups and other pieces for the House in porcelain, glass and other materials.

Goebel has collections in which the concepts of evolution and tradition come together as Adam&Goat, Rosina Wachtmeister, Nina, collections of Easter and Christmas season. But the range of products of Goebel having more success in our establishment are the of Artis Orbis.

During these 140 years, at Goebel products manufacturing is has handmade. The templates are designed by contemporary artists or artistic motifs adapted, using in this process first quality raw materials in ceramics and glass, and the implementation of all steps of handcrafted by competent professionals in your area.

Goebel Artis Obris collection: the masterpieces of world artists in glass and porcelain.

We leave the new catalog 2017 Goebel shows the range “artists Obris“. disfrutadlo.

This collection is composed of several articles that are part of the home such as vases, cups, coffee or tea games, pictures, figures…. made of glass or porcelain. In them, choose works of classical artists and new talents and they are reflected in these parts.

Made by hand to maintain this high quality, is like having that bit of history of art at home: vases of glass with pictures of Monet or Renoir, porcelain cups with “The sunflowers” Van Gogh, or figures in porcelain of the protagonist of some of the paintings of Gustav Klimt as “The kiss” o “The embrace”.

Maybe in the works of Gustav Kilmt is where you can feel the splendor of this German brand, where pictures of the Art Nouveau of Klimt with their characteristic details in gold does that they make more the manufacturing process of the Goebel gift items.

If you want to csome onocer of Goebel products that we have in our establishment, You can enter our online store.

Image Gallery of gifts of Goebel


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