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Italsilver is an Italian company with more than 70 years of experience, being a brand of relevance in the sector of the gift item with decoration in sterling silver (925 mm). Evolving since the hand from its beginnings, currently it uses the most advanced technology to create a wide ranges of products (Marcos, boxes and boxes, details for babies...) with the unmistakable seal of the “made in italy“. Like we offer here, Miguel watches jewelry page, the opportunity that can see details for the home, gifts for christenings, communions, Weddings (also the anniversary of silver or gold)…. A catalogue so extensive that we are only a small representation.

We will make a brief summary of your most important sales lines in Italsilver.

Marcos de plata bilaminada italianos.


Italsilver is a company with an extensive collection of sterling silver and Silver Laminate frames, that have achieved through new technology get very striking and innovative designs. The rear are wooden, which gives it a very important appearance. Many of these items of silver comes with a mirror of equal size to the glass, a change, allows you to have another option, not only to carry a photo.

Bilaminate gallery picture frames in silver 1st Law, of Italsilver.

Small gallery with some of the Silver photo frames We have in our establishment and that you can see in our online shop.

Baby gifts with silver, of Italsilver.

The gifts for babies and small children as are the most demanded. These gift items with silver are varied and range from portachupetes, cutlery boxes, photo frames, thermos, albums, and many more. In addition, they have a group consisting of characters from the Disney factory.

Gallery of baby gifts silver, of Italsilver.

Image overlay of different gifts for babies with silver Italsilver offers.

Gifts for weddings and anniversaries.

This line of gifts with silver Italsilver is a safe value. Wide variety of products to celebrate a wedding or anniversary of 25 o 50 years (Silver or gold wedding)

Gift Gallery in silver anniversaries and weddings, of Italsilver.

Images of wedding celebration glasses, photo albums, boxes, and other details is part of this gallery.

Miscellany: Other silver gifts, of Italsilver.

Group of other gift items silver Italsilver ranging from plates tributes, the altarpieces or pictures, watches, boxes. All quality and Italian design Italsilver.

Since recently you can see part of all These items of silver that we have available in our establishment in the new online shop.


Italsilver official website.

Some of the brands in gifts and home items we have in our shop.

brands specializing in the work of sterling silver, other resistant steel utensils, or the dishes are some companies we usually work on our physical store. Quality finishes and design are the keys to form part of our catalog.